Passion First, The Rest Will Follow.
Image of The Chronicles Passion First Ver. 4 Decal

The Chronicles Passion First Ver. 4 Decal


This one doesn't really require any explanation as the quote says it all: "I'm just here to make cool shit as long as I can."

I've been doing this for a long time now and there's really no better way to put where my mindset is right now as a creator. I think this will resonate with a lot of other people as well, whether you are building cars for fun or shooting and getting into automotive media. It kind of just applies to everything. Like the Version 3 decal, this one is also designed where you can either run the decal as-is or split them into two and stack them vertically, which I personally like the look of. I have them on my car currently as two separate decals.

*Decal measures 8x2.5 inches

*High-quality durable vinyl

*International shipping available

*Unfortunately due to the recent changes brought on by Brexit, we are no longer able to make our products available to the United Kingdom. Sorry!!

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