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Image of The Chronicles: Highway Attack Challenge 16-Bit Pixel Civic 16x20 Poster *NEW*

The Chronicles: Highway Attack Challenge 16-Bit Pixel Civic 16x20 Poster *NEW*


A couple years ago I created this mock-up of what a Chronicles game would look like had it existed in the era of 16-bit cartridges. It would be based loosely on the Osaka Kanjozoku and our adventures with them. Like a racing game with a storyline, so like a racing RPG basically. I made a bunch of cartridge cases, designed a box, did video content for it and everything. It was a lot of fun and was received well. It felt ultra-realistic I think, though none of it was ever real…

It was one of my favorite personal fun projects that helped me get through a pretty tough time back then and so I wanted to add to the lore of “The Chronicles: Highway Attack Challenge” by creating promotional posters for the SNES game in traditional magazine advert style...

This is the third poster in the series, featuring the pixelated "16-bit" artwork of the Civics featured in the imaginary game. All these Civics are representative of real-life cars that actually exist/existed during my travels to Japan over the years. Each Civic was individually-styled and drawn to replicate their real-life counterparts in high-detail before being down-scaled significantly. This is to make the artwork appear as if it actually existed back in that era. Each one of these cars on this poster took at least 3-5 hours minimum because I'm such a stickler for fine details—even though you can't see them, lol. If you've followed me for any length of time you'll probably recognize at least one of these cars. Many of you may be able to identify all of them. Now you can hang them up in your home, office, or garage like me.

*The print itself is 16x20-inches

*Each will be printed on German-made Finestra Art Premium Luster Photo Paper.

*Print only, no frame included.

*International shipping available via USPS.

*Unfortunately due to the recent changes brought on by Brexit, we are no longer able to make our products available to the United Kingdom. Sorry!!

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