CHRNCLS Volume One: When We Were Kings Book (PRE-ORDER)

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**DUE TO OVERWHELMING DEMAND, I HAVE INCREASED THE PRE-ORDER LIMIT SO THAT EVERYONE HAS AN OPPORTUNITY TO ACQUIRE ONE. First 100 sold out in the first hour and I understand we have international supporters in different time zones.**

Well, it's finally happened. After all these years, I've finally found the time to put a book together. Being that it is the 10-year anniversary of The Chronicles, I wanted to put something together that really showcases some of my best memories and favorite photos from all my journeys. It's been a wild ride so I felt like it was a good time to collect these images and revise them a bit before combining them into a coffee table book. Every image in this book is important to me, every photo has a story that I could tell you about, they are important to my overall body of work.

I know the price seems a bit high being that people don't buy books very much these days but these are very different times. Printing in the USA is definitely not by any means 'cheap' by any stretch of the animation and I've literally been working on this book whenever I have the chance to for the past few months. I've gone and re-edited every photo in the book to my current standard of work, which I feel very happy with, and arranged them in the best way possible to not only show you as much of my favorites photos as I can, but also in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.

I am only making a small run of these books, as mentioned, it isn't easy to put a book together and get it published, so I want them to go to people who really care about The Chronicles and what I've been doing over the past decade. If it isn't something for you, I totally understand, please keep enjoying the site and all its content. For those who want to have a keepsake to remember these great times, then by all means, I encourage you to order your own copy.

Each book will be individually numbered and personally signed by myself (Joey Lee). My signature isn't exactly what you'd consider to be 'important' but I feel like it adds a personal touch, which is necessary for my first (and hopefully not last) book to ever be published in print form. I don't think they will ever be available again once they have gone to print unless there is some sort of insane demand for them, which is unlikely. At that point, I think I'd let a company distribute it and I imagine it would be far less personal without it leaving my hands directly to you.

This book will be limited to 100 copies. If the pre-order goes over that, it would be amazing, but I'd adjust the individual numbers based on the total for when this pre-order ends.

Anyways, this is it. My first photo/coffee table book. Enjoy. And I very much thank you for all your support over the years. The money from these books will actually help me get a new dSLR camera body, something that is much needed being that I have been using my trusted (and now dated) Canon 5DMKII for much of the past decade. It's time to upgrade and this is the best trade-off to be able to use the photos captured from it to translate into a new camera. Perhaps it is time to catch up to modern providing a BOOK, of all things. How ironic, right? Thank you. I am forever grateful to have such great supporters.

*The book will be 11x8.5 in., landscape format, hardcover, with the pages printed on high-quality semigloss paper.

*Once the book is off to the publishing company, the turnaround time should be under two weeks. Then it will be shipped USPS Priority Mail to your doorstep, wherever you are.

*Each book will be individually-numbered and personalized by Joey Lee (Stickydiljoe)

*International Shipping is available worldwide


Image of CHRNCLS Volume One: When We Were Kings Book (PRE-ORDER)